Red River Units


The Red River Units, located in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, produce crude oil and natural gas from the Red River “B” formation, a thin, continuous dolomite formation at depths of 8,000 to 9,500 feet. Our units comprise a portion of the Cedar Hills Field, the 7th largest onshore field in the lower 48 United States, ranked by liquid proved reserves. Continental has a one-rig drilling program in the enhanced oil-recovery units and is focused on extending the peak performance life of the field, primarily by increasing our water and air injection capabilities.

All statements on this page are made as of September 2012 and may not be accurate at the date you are reviewing this page.

Fact 1:
Continental drilled the initial horizontal well in what was later described as the Cedar Hills North unit – the Ponderosa 1-15.
Fact 2:
We were 1st to develop the Cedar Hills Field exclusively through precision horizontal drilling (1995).
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